I finished Flying Changes. I am now reading I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. Its about this race of people from a planet Lorien, which was attacked by Mogadorians, an evil race of aliens in want to conquer the whole universe. When they were on Lorien, a ground of 9 Garde, the have legacies or powers, Cepen their watchers or guardians, they tech them how to grow or cope with their legacies. The are on Earth, trying to hide until the 9 Garde get their legacies. the first 3 have died now they are after number Four, if they find him they will be able to kill him. They are always on the run, they end up in a small town in Ohio, "John" or Four  goes to school and on the first day there he gets his first legacy, he is able to be heat resistent, he found this out when his hands started to glow. He also got in a fight with school jock because he talked to the dudes ex- girlfriend, Sara Hart.