I started a series by Becca Fitzpatrick. I started with the first book called hush,hush. It's about a girl named Nora Grey, she lives in Coldwater, Maine. She meets this mysterious guy named Patch. He is in her biology class; at the beginning of the year towards the end she is sitting next her bestfriend Vee Sky. Well their teacher changes the seating chart. So Nora is now stuck with Patch. He wears all black and never talks except when he gets put next to Nora; turns out he has his reasons. Well Nora is bound to get to the bottom of who Patch really is. Turns out he is a fallen angel. An angel that fell from heaven cause of greedy needs. Well they possess nephil bodies', that's a hybred between human and fallen angel. She finds out that all he was trying to do was sacrifice her so he could get a human body but he stops himself every time from doing it cause he loves her. They end up dating.