Riding Lessons

In the book Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen, A lady named Annemarie Zimmer, she was an Olympic contender for equestrian. She had a beautiful horse, Highland Harry, he was a liver chestnut with white brindle markings. A beautiful horse indeed, She was competing in Canterberry, when she had the fatal accident that almost cost her, her life and killed her beloved horse. She moved away from home got married to a dude named Roger. They had a daughter named Eva. He left her for a 22 year old woman, she went back home to be with her father who had a deadly disease. Her mother, father, daughter and her all went to Dan,s house, he ran an horse rescue center and was also a vet. He rescued an harry lookalike from the kill pen. Annemarie was so shocked to learn the horse had one eye and was deathly scared of trailers. She of course brought him home. She learned that Harry had a brother, Highland Hurrah. She looked him up online and it said he died in a trailer accident.He didn't die they used another horse to kill and said it was Hurrah. She ended up losing him cause the police found out that the horse was not dead. They took him to an police auction, Dan rescued him again and brought him back to Annemarie. She ends up riding again because of this horse.