Unhinged - A.G. Howard

The second book to the Splintered series is very breath taking in the fact that Morpheus comes to the human realm. Alyssa is getting used to dating jeb until something starts to split them apart, that would be Morpheus. In the first book jeb got his memories taken so he remembers nothing about Wonderland and its secrets. Alyssa is trying to keep the two separated but its hurting her heart instead. Morpheus tries showing whats happening to Wonderland under Red's terror and revenge to the people who did her wrong. Alyssa refuses but in the process she awakens her netherling side that craves chaos and manipulation. While jeb gets taken and gets possessed by hunger and tries to hurt Alyssa in the process but when he sees his/her  memories he has to get put in a dream state in order not to go crazy. He ends up getting his memories back and has to help Alyssa, Morpheus, and Alison fight Red and save Wonderland from her wrath.     

Ensnared - A.G. Howard

 The third book to the Splintered series is amazing. Queen Alyssa has to go to the looking glass world to find Jeb, Morpheus, and most of all Queen Red. In the process she has to get her father's lost memories back and once that happens he can find the way into the AnyWhereElse. While her mother got stuck in wonderland due to a prom Apocalypse where they fought Red and sister two. She has to find a way to save jeb and moth boy and get to wonderland in time to stop the decay. All while her heart splits in 2. 

Splintered - A.G. Howard

This book is amazing, it has a nice twist on the Alice in Wonderland story. The main character is Alyssa. Her mother is in the insane asylum because she can hear bugs and flowers talking well so can Alyssa because that's their family secret. They are descendants and Alice Lendell. Alyssa expresses this through her bug mosaics of dreams she has of wonderland but they are more like memories to her, because when she was little she had a netherling friend named Morpheus that only visited her in her dreams and taught her about wonderland and the netherling creatures that live there. Well as she grew older he visited her less and less until she forgot about him completely. Then her best friends arive Jeb and Jen. On prom night Jeb has a fight with his girlfriend and goes to Alyssa's house and see's her going through the mirror to get to the rabbit hole so she can save wonderland. They go on this crazy adventure and she finally gets to meets Morpheus.   

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

This book the 5th Wave is about aliens taking over the world. They take out the human population a using a series of waves. 1.) EMP 2.) Tsunami 3.) Plague 4.) Silencers 5.) Highly trained child soldiers that kill off the rest that the silencers didn't kill. The main point of view is from a high school student named Cassie Sulivan. She and the rest of her family besides her mother, she was killed during the 3rd wave. They go to a refugee camp. The "army" comes and takes the kids to Camp Haven and kill everybody else but Cassie hides in a ash pit. She is then hunted down by a silencer named Evan just so  happens to be in love with her. He shots her making him take care of her then he tells her who he really is she doesn't leave in return she tells him that her little brother was taken and they go and get him back and make a few friends that help them escape the compound but they lose Evan.

I started a series by Becca Fitzpatrick. I started with the first book called hush,hush. It's about a girl named Nora Grey, she lives in Coldwater, Maine. She meets this mysterious guy named Patch. He is in her biology class; at the beginning of the year towards the end she is sitting next her bestfriend Vee Sky. Well their teacher changes the seating chart. So Nora is now stuck with Patch. He wears all black and never talks except when he gets put next to Nora; turns out he has his reasons. Well Nora is bound to get to the bottom of who Patch really is. Turns out he is a fallen angel. An angel that fell from heaven cause of greedy needs. Well they possess nephil bodies', that's a hybred between human and fallen angel. She finds out that all he was trying to do was sacrifice her so he could get a human body but he stops himself every time from doing it cause he loves her. They end up dating.


I started and finished the Power of Six. In this book John, Sam, and Six are on the run trying to get to West Virginia, to get to the Mogs military base because they want to get John's chest back and look for Sam's dad. Six then learns of a Grade in Spain that needs her help, so she leaves John, Sam, and Bernie Kosar. They make it to the cave and rescue number Nine of the Grade. Six finds number Seven just in time also there is a surprise for Six, she learns that Ella is number Ten of the original Grade. She came on a second ship from their home planet Lorien. She meets Ten's Cepan Crayton and he insits that they go to India to find another possible Garde. Meanwhile John and Nine had to leave Sam back at the military base because they got seperated from him and the leader of the evil alien race has finally come to Earth. Six, Seven, Ten, and Crayton find out that the boy in India is indeed a Grade, he is number Eight. Eight has the legacie to teleport. He miss fires and six ends up in New Mexico where Dulce Base is. They end up in the ocean, John and Nine have a vision together telling them to go to New Mexico. This is when Ten discovers her telepathy because she communicates with Six. John and Nine end up at Dulce Base where six is being held but they don't know that. Ten communicates with John and Nine, they all end up together. John, Nine, Seven, Eight and, Ten trying to rescue Six. John learns that Sarah is also being held there and they also rescue her. They make it out alive and make it back to Chicago where Nine's penthouse is and they work on trying to find Five and Sam.

I finished I am number Four. He ends up getting caught jumping out of a burning house with a girl and a dog from the second story window. The race of aliens trying to destroy them caught up with John at his school in Paradise, Ohio. The bad aliens sent out scouts to see where john was and to keep him inside the school, well he ends up meeting number six, by that the charm is destroyed so they can be killed out of number now. Well the soldiers arrive and bring the beasts. Henri dies and the rest a mortally wounded including Bernie Kosar, he was John's pet back on Lorien. Well they get away and start trying to find the others.










I finished Flying Changes. I am now reading I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. Its about this race of people from a planet Lorien, which was attacked by Mogadorians, an evil race of aliens in want to conquer the whole universe. When they were on Lorien, a ground of 9 Garde, the have legacies or powers, Cepen their watchers or guardians, they tech them how to grow or cope with their legacies. The are on Earth, trying to hide until the 9 Garde get their legacies. the first 3 have died now they are after number Four, if they find him they will be able to kill him. They are always on the run, they end up in a small town in Ohio, "John" or Four  goes to school and on the first day there he gets his first legacy, he is able to be heat resistent, he found this out when his hands started to glow. He also got in a fight with school jock because he talked to the dudes ex- girlfriend, Sara Hart.

I finished the book Riding Lessons, now I'm on the sequel Flying Changes. In this one Annamarie sends her daughter Eva to a training camp with Nathalie Jenkins an Equestrian Olympian. Eva gets a horse named Smokey Joe, know one has ever been on him for more than 6 minutes, Eva , however, stayed on him and so Nathalie let  Eva rid hi under her name. She went to Stanford horse show and did not so well not to mention her dad didn't even show up to support her. She quit the riding school. When they got home, they got news that Roger, Sonja and the baby Jeremy got in an terrible accident, Roger is Annamarie's ex-husband, the baby survived, she died on impacted and he was in critical condition in the hospital. He ended up dieing Annamarie took in the baby and got engaged to Dan. At the end of the story she gets o Hurrah, an takes a jump for the first time since her accident some 25 years ago.

Riding Lessons

In the book Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen, A lady named Annemarie Zimmer, she was an Olympic contender for equestrian. She had a beautiful horse, Highland Harry, he was a liver chestnut with white brindle markings. A beautiful horse indeed, She was competing in Canterberry, when she had the fatal accident that almost cost her, her life and killed her beloved horse. She moved away from home got married to a dude named Roger. They had a daughter named Eva. He left her for a 22 year old woman, she went back home to be with her father who had a deadly disease. Her mother, father, daughter and her all went to Dan,s house, he ran an horse rescue center and was also a vet. He rescued an harry lookalike from the kill pen. Annemarie was so shocked to learn the horse had one eye and was deathly scared of trailers. She of course brought him home. She learned that Harry had a brother, Highland Hurrah. She looked him up online and it said he died in a trailer accident.He didn't die they used another horse to kill and said it was Hurrah. She ended up losing him cause the police found out that the horse was not dead. They took him to an police auction, Dan rescued him again and brought him back to Annemarie. She ends up riding again because of this horse.

Ape House

Ape House is about a lab in Kansas, where they study Bonobos. They learned ASL ( American Sign Language). There are 6 apes, names are Sam, Bonzi, Lola, Mbongo, Jelani, and Makena. The head scientist behind it is Isabel Duncan, she considers the apes more than friends, they are family. She has worked with the apes for over 8 years. The lab is called Great Ape Language Lab. At the lab they had an explosion and it severely injured Isabel, they were tiring to "liberate" the apes.

I finished the book Water for Elephants. Jacob the main character in the story falls for someone else's wife. Marlena is in the act with the liberty horses, her husband August is the Equestrian Director of the show and is an insane person. He nearly kills both Jacob and Marlena cause he thinks Marlena is cheating in him but they aren't. Later on in the book a stampede happens killing August, Marlena and Jacob leave taking Rosie the elephant, Marlena's 11 liberty horses and the chimp Bobo. They get married and have 5 children.