I finished the book Riding Lessons, now I'm on the sequel Flying Changes. In this one Annamarie sends her daughter Eva to a training camp with Nathalie Jenkins an Equestrian Olympian. Eva gets a horse named Smokey Joe, know one has ever been on him for more than 6 minutes, Eva , however, stayed on him and so Nathalie let  Eva rid hi under her name. She went to Stanford horse show and did not so well not to mention her dad didn't even show up to support her. She quit the riding school. When they got home, they got news that Roger, Sonja and the baby Jeremy got in an terrible accident, Roger is Annamarie's ex-husband, the baby survived, she died on impacted and he was in critical condition in the hospital. He ended up dieing Annamarie took in the baby and got engaged to Dan. At the end of the story she gets o Hurrah, an takes a jump for the first time since her accident some 25 years ago.