I started and finished the Power of Six. In this book John, Sam, and Six are on the run trying to get to West Virginia, to get to the Mogs military base because they want to get John's chest back and look for Sam's dad. Six then learns of a Grade in Spain that needs her help, so she leaves John, Sam, and Bernie Kosar. They make it to the cave and rescue number Nine of the Grade. Six finds number Seven just in time also there is a surprise for Six, she learns that Ella is number Ten of the original Grade. She came on a second ship from their home planet Lorien. She meets Ten's Cepan Crayton and he insits that they go to India to find another possible Garde. Meanwhile John and Nine had to leave Sam back at the military base because they got seperated from him and the leader of the evil alien race has finally come to Earth. Six, Seven, Ten, and Crayton find out that the boy in India is indeed a Grade, he is number Eight. Eight has the legacie to teleport. He miss fires and six ends up in New Mexico where Dulce Base is. They end up in the ocean, John and Nine have a vision together telling them to go to New Mexico. This is when Ten discovers her telepathy because she communicates with Six. John and Nine end up at Dulce Base where six is being held but they don't know that. Ten communicates with John and Nine, they all end up together. John, Nine, Seven, Eight and, Ten trying to rescue Six. John learns that Sarah is also being held there and they also rescue her. They make it out alive and make it back to Chicago where Nine's penthouse is and they work on trying to find Five and Sam.