Unhinged - A.G. Howard

The second book to the Splintered series is very breath taking in the fact that Morpheus comes to the human realm. Alyssa is getting used to dating jeb until something starts to split them apart, that would be Morpheus. In the first book jeb got his memories taken so he remembers nothing about Wonderland and its secrets. Alyssa is trying to keep the two separated but its hurting her heart instead. Morpheus tries showing whats happening to Wonderland under Red's terror and revenge to the people who did her wrong. Alyssa refuses but in the process she awakens her netherling side that craves chaos and manipulation. While jeb gets taken and gets possessed by hunger and tries to hurt Alyssa in the process but when he sees his/her  memories he has to get put in a dream state in order not to go crazy. He ends up getting his memories back and has to help Alyssa, Morpheus, and Alison fight Red and save Wonderland from her wrath.